2015 DISD BOND: Oak Cliff Concerned Citizens Question Proposed Demolition of Rosemont Middle School

The 2013 Facilities Condition Report stated that the Rosemont Middle School is in good condition. The Facilities Task Force Report did not recommend demolition of Rosemont. Many parents in the neighborhood want to preserve this historic Preservation Dallas listed school, which is now slated to be demolished. DISD President Eric Cowan, whose daughter coincidentally attends Rosemont,  explained that he walked the building with some parents, and DISD staff. They decided that it needed to be torn-down. Unfortunately, none of those on Cowan’s walk-through were engineers or qualified in any way to make this decision.

Amy Tawil, a Rosemont teacher, says that a gymnasium and a new wing including a science lab would be much less expensive while meeting the needs of the students and preserving the historic Rosemont school building. Replacing the school will cost approximately $41M. Upgrading Rosement would save approximately $30M which could be used for school repairs elsewhere in the district.