2015 DISD BOND: Questions Persist About DISD Bond Decision-Making Process

DISD Future Facilities Task Force Co-Chair Isaac Faz failed to convince Oak Cliff residents at a town hall meeting that the task force process was transparent, equitable, and that the task force exercised due diligence.The task force did not seek public input.

The Future Facilities Task Force, which met for over one year, was formed to recommend to the Board of Trustees how the DISD Bond funds should be allocated.

Task force members appointed by Mike Miles and representatives of various business interests outnumbered the members appointed by the DISD trustrees – giving the impression that the meetings were rigged to make decisions benefiting special-interests over those of the students and parents.

Faz claimed there were sign-up sheets for the task force meetings, hower there are no task force minutes or sign-up sheets for the meetings according to a DISD public information officer’s response to a Freeedom of Information Act Request.

Faz admitted there were no records of decision-making or votes taken, nor is there any record that the final report was voted on by the task force or by the trustees.

The town hall meeting was held at Oak Cliff DISD Bond Towne Hall Meeting, October 19, 2015, Kessler Park United Methodist Church.

Trustee Nutall says, “Just examine which children win and which children lose!”

DISD District 9 Trustee Bernadette Nutall

DISD District 9 Trustee Bernadette Nutall

DISD District 9 Trustee Bernadette Nutall has announced her opposition to the DISD Bond. She told FACTpac:

I believe in putting the critical needs of our children first. While I welcome a bond package that fairly and equitably addresses the most pressing needs of our children,  this bond draft is woefully inadequate, and further pushes the most needy to the back of the line. More kids are getting shortchanged than are being served. It is always for the kids, just examine which children win and which children lose!