Dallas NAACP comes out against DISD bond proposal

DALLAS – August 17th, 2005 The Dallas chapter of the NAACP said Sunday its members will not support a proposed $1.6 billion bond for DISD schools because they have not seen enough details about the plan.

Arthur Fleming, chapter president, told reporters on Sunday that there is a perception that the bond money will not be spent equally across DISD schools, especially on campuses in the southern sector.

“I think they need to slow down, let the community see what’s in the bond package and then go from there,” Fleming says.

Read the Entire Story and View the WFAA TV Report Here

Mike Orozco Can’t Be Trusted On The Job Or With His Family

Perhaps, you received this mailing from FACTpac. Below, you will find the documentation to back up this mailing, as well as additional information which clearly makes Michael Orozco the wrong choice for constable, or any elected office.

Michael Orozco Can Not Be Trusted Front

Michael Orozco Can Not Be Trusted Back

Michael Orozco Cannot Be Trusted With His Family

According to a Dallas County Family Court document, Michael Orozco is apparently a mean drunk. In fact, while drunk, and in the presence of his children, he put his service revolver to his head and threatened to kill himself.

In fact, a Dallas County Family Court judge had to issue a restraining order to protect his Orozco’s children from Orozco. Orozco was restrained from having possession of his children for a period of time and further ordered that he not drink eight hours before seeing his children and in their presence.

Michael Orozco Cannot Be Trusted With His Current Job

Our mailing said,

Orozco was cited for dereliction of duty for leaving his duty assignment and going home without clocking out.

Orozco was cited for dereliction of duty for checking himself in service and then not reporting for duty.

The GPS on Orozco’s patrol car proved he was not on duty.

Orozco couldn’t be trusted out in a patrol car on his own, so Orozco was assigned to JP Court bailiff duty where the judge could “monitor” him.

Here’s the disciplinary report which shows that Michael Orozco cannot be trusted to do the job he has now without threats of being fired and being placed in a position where his behavior can be monitored.

Michael Orozco has a history of dereliction of duty. When he worked in Precinct 5, Michael Orozco was caught Working A Second PAID Job While On Duty, using County vehicles.

In direct violation of Dallas County personnel policy, Michael Orozco harassed fellow constable’s office employees by ridiculing their sexual orientation.

Michael Orozco Cannot Be Trusted With ThePrecinct 5 Constable’s Office

Michael Orozco can’t be trusted to care of his own family and he can’t be trusted to do the job he has now. Orozco’s “work ethic” is not that of a leader. Harassing fellow employees is not the behavior of a leader.

In a video on his website, Michael Orozco asks us to “put my leadership and experience to the test as your Dallas County Constable.”

The Fund Against Corruption has issued a voter warning against Michael Orozco.

We think Michael Orozco’s irresponsible and reckless behavior, both at home and at work, makes it clear that we cannot afford to give him a chance to destroy a constable’s office which runs effectively, efficiently, and without a hint of scandal under the leadership of incumbent Constable Beth Villarreal.

In Sum – Mike Orozco for Constable – No way!


The Real Fred “Action” Jackson’s Actions

The Real Fred "Action" Jackson's Actions

Documentation of our mailing… and more

1. Fred Jackson Drives Drunk

Dallas Police Department Arrest Report

Fred Jackson Convicted of Driving Drunk

2. Fred Jackson Hits Six Cars

Action Jackson manages to hit SIX cars – Police Department Diagram

3. Fred Jackson Has No Insurance

Texas Peace Office Crash Report Shows Fred Jackson Has No Liability Insurance

Fred Jackson Appeals His Conviction For Drunk Driving

4. Fred Jackson Drives Drunk Again

Fred Jackson Arrested For Drunk Driving While Still On Probation – Plano Police Report

Fred Jackson Refuses To Take Intoxication Test and Refuses To Sign Statutory Warning

Fred Jackson Driver License Suspension

Fred Jackson Pleads Guilty – Serves Jail Sentence – Fined 4000 Dollars

5. Fred Jackson Sleeps On The Job Continue reading

Voter Warning: Fred Jackson

Justice of the Peace Katy Hubener is the incumbent in J. P. Precinct 4, Place 2. She has an excellent record and deserves re-election.

Unfortunately, she has an opponent in the Democratic Primary Run-off Election. His name is Fred Jackson.

We are issuing a VOTER WARNING against Fred Jackson

  1. Fred Jackson has multiple Driving While Intoxicated convictions.
  2. Fred Jackson had his Peace Officer’s License revoked as a result of these convictions.
  3. Worst of all, Mr. Jackson doesn’t think that the police have probable cause to arrest an obviously intoxicated driver at the scene of an accident – even after failing three field sobriety tests.

Fred Jackson objects so strongly to arresting drunk drivers, that when he was convicted of Driving While Intoxicated, he appealed his conviction on the basis that “the police lacked probable cause to arrest him for DWI.”

Needless to say, the appeals court Justices Lang, Murphy, and Myers ruled against Fred Jackson.

In the written opinion, Justice Murphy wrote,

(Dallas Police Officer Tutt testified that:) (1) Tutt and his partner responded to the scene of an accident involving several cars; (2) appellant Fred Jackson approached Tutt at the scene and informed Tutt that he had been the driver of one of the cars; (3) the driver of one of the other cars involved in the accident told Tutt that the accident was appellant  Fred Jackson’s fault; (4) appellant Fred Jackson had bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled of alcohol; (5) appellant was “overly friendly” and kept touching Tutt, who told appellant more than once not to touch him; (6) appellant Fred Jackson exhibited a sufficient number of “clues” indicative of intoxication in each of three field sobriety tests that Tutt administered to appellant (the horizontal gaze nystagmus [HGN] test, the walk-and-turn test, and the one-leg-stand test); and (7) Tutt arrested appellant Fred Jackson for DWI following these field sobriety tests.

Contrary to Fred Jackson’s claim, the justices ruled that the above was sufficient probable cause to arrest Fred Jackson.

Read the entire ruling against Fred Jackson and then run as fast as you can to the nearest polling place to vote for the re-election of Justice of the Peace Katy Hubener.