Why Tammy Kemp must not be elected judge

Dallas County leads the nation in the number of wrongful convictions that have later been overturned. A large number of these wrongful convictions occurred under the leadership of Republican District Attorneys John Vance and Bill Hill. Tammy Kemp learned to prosecute cases under their tutelage and Kemp learned her lessons well.

When Tammy Kemp prosecuted Ms. Telisa Blackman, Kemp withheld exculpatory evidence from Ms. Blackman’s defense attorney. As if withholding evidence is not bad enough, according to the Dallas Morning News,

Kemp said in October that she offers “no apologies” for the actions she took in the murder case because she was “seeking justice for our county’s most vulnerable victims.”

Ms. Kemp is sadly mistaken. Withholding evidence from the defense in order to gain a conviction is not justice for the person wrongfully convicted and it is most certainly not justice for the victims because the actual culprit is still on the streets free to commit further crimes and because the victims become unwitting accomplices in sending an innocent person to prison for a crime they didn’t commit.

In 2006, the year in which Democrats swept county-wide races in Dallas, Ms. Kemp voted in the Republican Primary. She is an overzealous and dangerous prosecutor who would be even more dangerous on the bench.

Ms. Kemp claims that her opponent, incumbent Judge Lena Levario is an “activist” judge. This is the standard battle-cry for those who object when judges have the courage to stand up for equal rights for all persons. Judge Levario is to be commended for her courage, not condemned for actively standing up for justice.

Tammy Kemp is a menace to justice and must not be elected judge.

PDF Documents:

Tammy Kemp refuses to apologize for withholding evidence from defense (Dallas Morning News

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