Dallas Friends of Public Education Chair offers alternative to DISD Bond Proposal

Michael S MacnaughtonOn the DISD Blog, Dallas Friends of Public Education Chair Michael S. McNaughton explains why we should vote against the DISD Bond Proposal and then offers recommendations for a future bond proposal:

What should the district do? Here are a few recommendations:

  • 1. Shift attendance boundary lines moving students from overcrowded to underutilized schools, saving a portion of the planned $600 million earmarked for additional classrooms for a student population that is 3,000 students fewer than predicted this year.
  • 2. Utilize former kindergarten classrooms instead of building new pre-K classrooms. Kindergarten enrollment is down 1,100 students since 2015.
  • 3. Rethink plans for Pinkston H.S. Current plans for Pinkston represent almost 10% of the total bond package. ($130 Million)
  • 4. Eliminate the new middle school planned for West Dallas. Existing schools in the area are underutilized. ($65 Million)
  • 5. Eliminate Destination 2020 programs sponsored by former superintendent Miles. The bond should support the new superintendent’s goals. ($93 Million)
  • 6. Shift funding saved from the above recommendations (an estimated $250 Million) to repair the 7 schools that would still be rated in poor condition, according to the Parsons report, after the proposed bond work is complete.

Our students deserve a better plan.  Voters should demand one.

Michael S. MacNaughton,
Chair, Dallas Friends of Public Education.
Member DISD Citizen’s Budget Review Committee.