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Clay Jenkins Poll

Is it OK for Clay Jenkins to buy this election with money from Right-Wing Republicans like Bob Perry?

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Congratualtions to the FACTpac Endorsed Candidates Who Won!

We would have preferred that all six of our endorsed candidates win, but FOUR WON!

FACTpac Endorsed Democratic Primary Runoff Winners:

Dale B. Tillery
District Judge, 134th Judicial District 

Teresa Hawthorne
District Judge, 203rd Judicial District

Tina Yoo
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 8

Brenda Hull Thompson
Judge, County Probate Court No. 1

Clay Jenkins File
If Clay Jenkins is so great, how come he failed to buy the primary when he spent over 200 times more money than Larry Duncan? PDF Print E-mail
Clay Jenkins File

Clay Jenkins came out of nowhere and spent $500,000 to buy the nomination for Dallas County Judge in the Democratic Party Primary, but failed to win and faces Larry Duncan in a runoff.

Larry Duncan spent a few thousand dollars and received just shy of 30% of the votes.

Now, Gromer Jeffers in the Dallas Morning News reports that Jenkins may spend $800,000 on this race, by the time the polls close at 7:00PM on April 13th.

Here's the question that needs to be asked:

If Clay Jenkins is so great, how come he failed to buy the primary when he spent over 200 times more money than Larry Duncan?

Who is that guy, Clay Jenkins? PDF Print E-mail
Clay Jenkins File

Nobody seems to know who Clay Jenkins is and, as is pointed out in Sam Merten's Dallas Observer, apparently a lot of others don't know either.  --  FACTpac Editor

From the Dallas Observer:

... A Democratic consultant not speaking for attribution tells Unfair Park that meeting Jenkins for the first time was "really weird." They asked him about being a Democrat and where he's from, and Jenkins told them that his dad was a lifelong Democrat and his family has lived all over Texas.

"He was real evasive about it. He didn't really answer either one of those questions," the source says. "He can't even give you a straight answer. Not only that, but he didn't even look me in the eye."

The consultant saw Jenkins arrive at two separate Democratic functions in one evening, claiming he didn't appear to know anyone and left soon after having his picture taken. "It was the same thing at both events. He didn't stay long enough to have a conversation with anybody."


Read the entire article in the Dallas Observer, April 1st, 2010: SMU's Jillson Says Local Democratic Elected Officials "Are Not to Be Trusted," Questions Friends Chosen By Jenkins

Dallas Observer's Jim Schutze asks the right question: What kind of Democrat do we want running Dallas County? PDF Print E-mail
Clay Jenkins File

Do Democrats really want Republican Bob Perry's Hey-boy Jenkins to be Dallas County Judge? Let's hope not. Larry Duncan has a long record of accomplishment in Dallas and deserves election. Jim Schutze hit the nail on the head with this article. Read it and get to the polls as fast you can to vote for Larry Duncan. - FACTpac Editor

Man of the People Larry Duncan vs Hey-boy Clay jenkins

Sure. Turnout for the Democratic runoff election for county judge on April 13 will be tiny. Few people will vote, but the outcome will be huge. The real issue is the character of the community.

You know who the real candidates are, right? Let me paint it for you as if we were looking at an old-fashioned political cartoon.

Picture one candidate as a guy in a pinstriped suit with slicked-back hair smoking a fat Cuban cigar. A bunch of old walruses are crowded in behind him stuffing greenbacks into his pockets and down his collar. He grins and says, "That tickles."

Then picture the other candidate—a smart, clean John Q. Citizen—looking straight out at you. Pointing at the rest of them with his thumb, he says, "That stinks."

Congratulations to Clay Jenkins for being made "Honorary City Councilman" - of Waxahachie PDF Print E-mail
Clay Jenkins File

With the questions about where Clay Jenkins actually lives and his civil involvement, we found it interesting that Clay Jenkins was made an Honorary City Councilman in Waxahachie in 2008 - many years after he claims to have moved to Dallas.

The city council minutes say, "Mayor Joe Jenkins thanked Mr. Clay Jenkins for being Honorary Council member and Mr. Clay Jenkins noted he is excited about what the Mayor, City Council and City Staff is doing for the City."

Oops PDF Print E-mail
Clay Jenkins File

According to Clay Jenkins' website for his law firm, "Clay Jenkins is a 5th generation Ellis County resident. He attended public schools in Waxahachie and is a 1982 graduate of Waxahachie High School... He, his wife, Chrissy, and their daughter, Madeleine,  live in Waxahachie, Texas."

Despite the fact that the website has been updated numerous times since he "moved" to Dallas, his address was still listed as Waxahachie in 2008.


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