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We would have preferred that all six of our endorsed candidates win, but FOUR WON!

FACTpac Endorsed Democratic Primary Runoff Winners:

Dale B. Tillery
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Teresa Hawthorne
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Tina Yoo
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Brenda Hull Thompson
Judge, County Probate Court No. 1

Corrupt Constable
Constable Cortes derelict in his duties PDF Print E-mail
Corrupt Constable

Once again Constable Cortes is derelict in his duties by his own statement.

From the Dallas Observer:

Finally, we probed Cortes about his relationship with Dowdy Ferry Auto Services, as uncovered by The Dallas Morning News. He chalks up failing to realize that Dowdy Ferry had not been keeping proper records to "a learning curve" and stresses that his department had done its part in keeping paperwork of which cars were towed.

"As far as I knew, when the cars were given to the towing company, they signed off on possession, and they were responsible for it," he says.

Not true

According to Texas law, when a vehicle is towed by a constable's deputy, the Constable is responsible for sending two notices to the vehicle owner stating that the vehicle must be claimed, or the vehicle will be auctioned. The constable must sign off on the auction.

A constable may designate a third-party to send the notices, but the constable is still responsible and must monitor that designee to verify proper procedure is followed.

This is not the first time that Constable Cortes has claimed that he had no responsibility for towed vehicles. This is dereliction of duty plain and simple and could open up Dallas County to lawsuits from vehicle owners who were not properly notified.

Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire! Corrupt Constable Cortes does it again PDF Print E-mail
Corrupt Constable

Even after five Democratic elected officials made public statements that they have not and would not endorse Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes, Corrupt Constable Cortes sent out another campaign mailer, claiming they endorsed him. This simply proves what we already knew. Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes is not only a liar, but he's not very good at it. He's been caught once lying about his endorsements. Now, he's done it again and topped it off with lies about his opponent, Beth Villarreal.

Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes is so deperate to win this election, he will say anything, do anything, and stop at nothing to win. He doesn't care as long as his lies don't get exposed until after the election. Unfortunately, being a liar isn't a crime.

Get to the polls on Tuesday April 13th and vote this criminal out of office! Corrupt Constable Cortes has got to go!

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Liar Cortes continues to stupidly lie about endorsements from those who didn't actually endorse him. Adults apologize when they make a mistake or are caught in a lie. Not, Liar Cortes. Instead, he repeats the lie and attacks those who challenged him.

Corrupt Constable Cortes sent out this mailer AFTER  5 Democrats stated they didn't endorse him (click for larger image)

Whiney Jaime won't take responsibility for his corrupt acts. Instead, Whiney Jaime shows the maturity of a 4 year old and blames others. Whiney Jaime isn't paranoid, he's juat a corrupt constable who needs to go.

Slimey Jaime even lies about his wife. The photograph of him with his family on his previous mailer is even a lie. Shameless Jaime even drags his family into his corruption.

More Corrupt Constable Cortes Lies (click for larger image)

Now, Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes is simply making up lies about his opponent. He figures that he won't get caught until after the runoff election.

Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes is so desperate to win the election, he's simply making stuff up about his opponent (click for larger image)

Corrupt Constable Cortes is a slimey, whiney, shameless, liar and needs to go. Vote Cortes out of office on April 13th.

Who ya gonna believe? Corrupt Constable Cortes or respected Democrats? PDF Print E-mail
Corrupt Constable

We already reported that Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes fraudulently listed Rep. Allen Vaught's name as an endorsement on Cortes' latest campaign mailer.

Corrupt Constable Jaime Cortes' Fraudulent Campaign Mailer

Now, Rep. Rafael Anchia, Dallas County District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons, Dallas City Council Member Dave Neumann, and Dallas City Council Member Delia Jasso have also stated they have not endorsed Corrupt Constable Cortes and did not give Cortes permission to use their names.

The list of fraudulent endorsements on Corrupt Constable Cortes' mailer keeps growing.

This is a perfect example of Jaime Cortes' arrogance and his belief that he can lie about anything and get away with it. Fraudulently listing prominent individuals as endorsements on a mailer is not only arrogant, but stupid because the veracity of the names on the endorsement list can be easily verified.

Jaime Cortes latest lies on his mailer totally discredit Cortes claims that he is being unfairly attacked and the charges against him are nothing more than "innuendo, hearsay and sour grapes." So, we have some questions:

  1. How many more elected officials or organizations will step forward to state that Cortes fraudulently used their name on his mailing?
  2. How many who actually endorsed Cortes will step forward and withdraw their endorsement?
  3. Anyone want to make a bet on the excuses those who continue to endorse Corrupt Constable Cortes use to justify their endorsement?

And, we have one question for Corrupt Constable Cortes:

Did your girlfriend, Deputy Constable Nosheska Garcia, give you permission to put a picture of your wife on your campaign mailer?

Just curious...

Did Cortes' girlfriend approve of Cortes using a picture of his wife on his campaign mailer?

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (cortes  fraudlent endorsement list.pdf)cortes fraudlent endorsement list.pdfCorrupt Constable Jaime Cortes Fraudulent Endorsement List on Cortes Campaign Mailer963 Kb
Download this file (Danny-Defenbaugh-Investigation excerpt - Cortes improper relationship with Noshe)Danny-Defenbaugh-Investigation excerpt - Cortes improper relationship with NosheExcerpt from Defenbaugh Investigation documenting Cortes Improper Relationship with His Girlfriend,Deputy Constable Nosheska Garcia466 Kb
Has Cortes' deputy Watson rolled on Cortes? PDF Print E-mail
Corrupt Constable

A former Dallas County constable lieutenant facing felony charges that range from sexual assault to bribery has been released on a dramatically reduced bond – only weeks after a prosecutor successfully argued that his bond should be increased because he posed a "substantial flight risk."

The reduced bond for Howard Watson, who was one of Precinct 5 Constable Jaime Cortes' top deputies, may signal he's cooperating with authorities who want to land bigger fish, legal experts say.

"He learned to sing; that's fairly obvious," said University of Houston law professor John Douglass, who served as dean of the National College of District Attorneys for two decades.

Douglass said his guess is that Watson cut a deal with prosecutors.

Complete article at Dallas Morning News - April 8th, 2010 - Former Cortes aide is free after bail is lowered

Contrary to Cortes mailer, Allen Vaught didn't endorse Jaime Cortes PDF Print E-mail
Corrupt Constable

A mountain of evidence has been amassed suggesting that corruption is rampant in Constable Jaime Cortes' office. One of his top deputies already is facing felony charges, and investigations suggest that Cortes may have been involved in a range of illegal activities. Yet, according to a new mailing, Cortes counts a who's who of Dallas County Democrats among his supporters.

"Yes! We endorse Constable Cortes," the headline says. A list of state lawmakers, city council members and assorted elected officials follows.

One problem: At least some of it's not true.

Rep. Allen Vaught, who's near the top of the list of supporters says emphatically that he hasn't endorsed Cortes. Nor would he.

Read the complete article at the Dallas Morning News - April 8th, 2010 - Who endorsed Jaime Cortes? Not Allen Vaught

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