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Stay tuned for the FACTpac March 2014 Democratic Party Primary Slate!

Congratualtions to the FACTpac Endorsed Candidates Who Won!

We would have preferred that all six of our endorsed candidates win, but FOUR WON!

FACTpac Endorsed Democratic Primary Runoff Winners:

Dale B. Tillery
District Judge, 134th Judicial District 

Teresa Hawthorne
District Judge, 203rd Judicial District

Tina Yoo
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 8

Brenda Hull Thompson
Judge, County Probate Court No. 1

Republican David Kelton
Kelton's wife solicited Republicans to vote in Democratic Primary runoff PDF Print E-mail
Republican David Kelton

David Kelton's wife is an officer in the Park Cities Republican Women's Club

Ruth Kelton, the wife of Republican David Kelton, who is in a runoff with Dale Tillery in the Democratic Primary runoff for the 134th Judicail District Bench, is an officer in the Park Cities Republican Club. Some Democrats are married to Republicans. Take James Carville, for example. So, we won't criticize mixed marriages. But, when she distributes a letter suggesting that Republicans vote in the Democratic Primary runoff, that crosses the line. We don't need Republicans pretending to be Democrats running in the Democratic Primary and we don't need Democrats pretending to be Republicans running in the Republican Primary.

Let the Republicans pick their nominees and let the Democrats pick theirs without interferrance from the other party. If the Republicans want to elect someone to the 134th Judicial District bench, let them pick a nominee to run against the Democratic nominee in November.

Democrats should welcome Republicans who have come to their senses and switch to the Democratic Party, but when they do, they have an obligation to demonstrate that they changed because they support the Democratic Party and not because they're political opportunists who will say anything to get elected. David Kelton has a history of supporting right-wing extremist Republicans and having them support him in prior elections when he ran as a Republican.

The letter, written by Ruth Kelton and distributed earlier this month says, in part:

Democrats and Republicans can vote for David in the runoff election on April 13th.

  • If you are a registered Republican and did not vote in the Republican Primary or sign a petition for a Republican to get on the ballot, you can vote in the Democratic runoff election.
  • Voting for David Kelton in the Democratic runoff election does not obligate Republicans to vote Democratic in November.

This is not appropriate. Both Democrats and Republicans should reject this appeal and David Kelton should denounce this attempt to subvert the election by giving the voters a choice between two Republicans in November - which is no choice at all.

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Download this file (Keltons wife solicits republicans to vote in democratic primary.pdf)Keltons wife solicits republicans to vote in democratic primary.pdfRepublican David Kelton's wife, a Park Cities Republican Women's Club officer, letter soliciting Republicans to vote in the Democratic Primary runoff.246 Kb
David Kelton: longtime Republican Party stalwart trying to infiltrate the local Democratic Party PDF Print E-mail
Republican David Kelton

January 18, 2010

David Bradley
State Democratic Executive Committee Member
Statement on Judicial Candidate David Kelton


To:  Dallas County Democrats and Precinct Chairs

From:  SDEC Members Hon. David Bradley, Hon. Dr. Theresa Daniel, Hon. Dr. Martha Williams, Hon. Susan Culp;  Precinct Chairs Hon. Dorothy Dean, Hon. Mark Baker, Hon. Thelma Davis, Hon. Vivian Hill, Hon. Alice Cox, Hon. Lionel Churchill, Hon. Shirley Brown, Hon. Ramona Ames, Hon. Judy Richards, Hon. Shirley Daniels, Hon. Mary Freeman, Hon. Lettie Searles, Hon. Phil Fisher, former SDEC, and additional DCDP precinct chairs and activists

Re:  Judicial candidate DAVID D. KELTON

Dear fellow Democrats,

The purpose of this memo is to make you aware of the background of judicial candidate David D. Kelton who is campaigning for Judge of the 134th Civil District Court in the March 2010 Democratic Primary.

From the outset of this memo, we want to indicate that we are not blindly opposed to former Republican Judges joining the Democratic Party.  There are exceptionally well-qualified individuals who have been outstanding members of our judiciary over the years, and who have never been card-carrying members of the Republican Party, who may - if our Democratic Party voters decide - make welcome additions to our Party and strengthen its ranks.  We invite you and all voters to make informed, nuanced decisions in these cases in order to maintain the quality of our local judiciary.

However, we consider the case of David Kelton to be an egregious example of a longtime Republican Party stalwart trying to infiltrate the local Democratic Party.

Right-wing Republican David Kelton contributes to those directly opposed to Democrats and Democratic Party values PDF Print E-mail
Republican David Kelton

Unfortunately, we all know who Phyllis Schlafly is, and that her right-wing Eagle Forum meddles in the Texas public school curriculum. Here's what Schafly has to say about her progress in "Kicking out the liberal bias" in our textbooks.  Of course, she fails to mention that Thomas Jefferson has been de-emphasized and Senator Ted Kennedy dumped, to make room for Schlafly to be added. (yahoo news, NYT, Texas Freedom Network)

The highest rating The Eagle Forum gave a Texas Democratic Representative or Senator was 24 out of 100, while Republicans received 100's and other high rankings, and no Republican was rated lower than the highest rated Democrat.

Well, David Kelton made donations to The Eagle Forum and received money from The Eagle Forum in 2005 and 2006. Cozy deal.

Remember Tom DeLay's fall from grace and resignation as the U. S. House of Representatives Republican majority leader and his house seat due to the TRMPAC / ARMPAC money laundering scheme to skirt Federal and State campaign finance rules? Well, guess who gave money to TRMPAC's attorney, Ed Shack? That's right, David Kelton.

Then, there's the Republican Liberty PAC. They're out to reform the Republican Party because it isn't libertarian enough. They state that, "After decades of New Deal and Great Society social activism; combined with the rapid decline in civics and American history education in our government-run public schools; mixed with a growing population of ill-informed and apathetic voters; government at every level in this country continues to be too big, too intrusive and too expensive"

Their solutions include, elimination of all government health programs, repeal of all capital gains, inheritance taxes, and all corporate and business taxes; eliminating all compulsory government retirement and disability programs; and closing the Departments of Education, Commerce and Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Housing and Urban Development.

The Republican Liberty PAC contributed money to Kelton.