Why Vote for Joe? A Real Jobs and Infrastructure Plan

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“This is our moment to imagine and build a new American economy for our families and our communities where every American has an equal chance to get ahead.” – Joe Biden

According to the analytics firm, Moody’s a Biden administration would create 7 million more jobs in its first four years than would a second Trump term. Moody’s also estimates household incomes would rise nearly $5000 under a Biden administration but stay stagnant under a second Trump term. Here’s how:

Joe Biden has proposed a series of tax reforms, including a millionaires’ tax and higher taxes on large corporations. Biden would use some of the estimated $4 trillion in increased revenues to invest in infrastructure and technology jobs that pay living wages.

Biden’s plan takes a two-pronged approach, with a $400 billion investment in government purchases of U.S.-based goods and services and $300 billion for investment in research and technology.

The plan’s goals include:

  • Creating millions of good jobs rebuilding America’s bridges, roads and public transportation systems
  • Creating 1 million jobs in electric vehicle manufacturing
  • Creating 1 million jobs in upgrading buildings, and a quarter-million in cleaning up abandoned properties and idle community assets
  • Investing aggressively in generating clean, American-made electricity
  • Investing in clean energy technologies
  • Making broadband available to every American
  • Investing in climate-smart and sustainable agriculture
  • Redeveloping abandoned Brownfield properties with the goal of transforming them into economic hubs

The plan also invests in paid family leave and increased access to childcare and expands the child tax credit to help ensure families do not have to make difficult choices between work and children. Joe Biden will be a president for all Americans, in all sectors, rural and urban, technology and agriculture, and everything in between.

“We must reward work as much as we reward wealth. But now we just reward excessive wealth.” – Joe Biden

Fact Quotes

“Every dollar of additional government spending in the next couple of years is going to produce more than a dollar’s worth of new growth and more economic activity, which creates more jobs. The bang for the buck is massive.”

Business Insider

Biden’s campaign has put forth a detailed blueprint of his infrastructure and other proposals that it says will create 12 million jobs. Trump’s campaign has generally provided vague economic proposals that could be fleshed out later.

USA Today

The plan, called Build Back Better, emphasizes investing in the American worker while arguing that Trump has done just the opposite. “Growing up rich and looking down on people is a bit different than how I grew up here,” said Biden at a metalworks facility in Dunmore, Pa., immediately going for the President’s jugular.



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