Killing Nursing Wolf Mothers on National Preserve Lands Now Legal

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Killing Nursing Pups Legal

Your vote can save lives. In 2019, the Trump administration began dismantling restrictions “forbidding such things as killing mothers with babies, shooting swimming caribou from boats, and using dogs to hunt bears.”

Aside from nursing wolf mothers, female bears hibernating with their cubs can also be killed.

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When wold hunting season opened in Alaska on August 1, it became legal in many national preserves for hunters to kill nursing mothers in dens with their pups. In October, when black bear hunting season begins, females settling down for hibernation with cubs can be targeted in portions of Denali National Preserve and Gates of the Arctic National Preserve. And in spring, when cubs and their mothers emerge, they too will be legal game.

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The new rule, announced this week by the National Park Service and shared in the Federal Register, would allow for the hunting of black bears – including sows and cubs – at their den sites, while also giving hunters the option of using bait, artificial lights and hunting dogs. The more relaxed regulations also allow for the hunting of “wolves and coyotes (including pups) during the denning season,” and “taking swimming caribou” or “taking caribou from motorboats under power,” among other things.

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