Social Security

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Gladys Mitchell, 80, right, from Washington, and Louise Hobbs, 71, left, from New York, N.Y. join a rally against the privatization of Social Security, on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Social Security works for Americans. Republicans promise to cut it. Democrats have a plan to strengthen it.

Social Security is one of America’s most successful anti-poverty programs. Seniors are obvious beneficiaries, but children and people with disabilities are helped by Social Security as well. And since the program was enacted, Republicans have been opposed to…

Kevin McCarthy wants to cut Social Security benefits

Republicans Can’t Stop Talking About Cutting Social Security

Representative Jason Smith (R-Mo.), and other House Republicans told Bloomberg News last week that they are willing to default on the nation’s debt, causing domestic and international economic turmoil, so they can cut your Social Security and Medicare…


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