Women’s Rights

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Republicans Vote Against Birth Control

97% of Republicans Voted Against Your Right to Birth Control

The Right to Contraception Act is a short bill introduced in the House as H.R.8373 – Right to Contraception Act. The bill guarantees your right to contraception and family planning. That’s it. No provision of the bill relates…

Ted Budd's Vote is For Sale

Ted Budd’s Votes Have Been Bought by Big-Pharma, Big Oil, and Special Interest Groups

Ted Budd took money from big pharma after voting to prevent lower drug prices. The cost of prescription drugs is a flashpoint for Americans needing medications but cannot afford them due to the ever-increasing prices. Congressman Ted Budd…

Marco Rubio Knows More Than Your Doctor

Marco Rubio Wants All Abortions Banned For Any Reason

Senator Marco Rubio was asked if he would support a Federal abortion ban with no exceptions – a position he clearly holds as an anti-abortion absolutist. Rubio, who has previously suggested he would support a total abortion ban,…

Miscarriage Treatments Criminalized Under Abortion Ban Laws

Anti-Abortion Laws Are Harming Women Suffering from Miscarriages

Pharmacists are withholding medication. And some women are having to carry dead fetuses because doctors are afraid to perform life-saving procedures that might run afoul of anti-abortion laws in their state. In July, the New York Times spoke…

Blake Masters Seen with Donald Trump

Blake Masters Will Only Vote for Judges That Support Banning Birth Control

During the Republican primary, Blake Masters published on his campaign website that he would only support federal judges that would agree that “Griswold v. Connecticut” and other Supreme Court cases he doesn’t like, were wrongly decided. Thus, Master’s…


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