Trump Administration Economic Policies Continue to Fail the Hispanic Community

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In a September 2016 Florida rally, Donald Trump promised, “We will help the Hispanic American people who have been treated so badly, and so unfairly in our nation. We will help them. I will deliver like you’ve never seen before.”

Donald Trump may like to talk about how much Hispanic people love him, but his policies continue to fail those he brags about helping. Hispanic unemployment fell only 1.6% during the first three years of the Trump administration, after falling 7% under the Obama-Biden administration. Income growth also slowed, with Hispanic household income gaining only .001% from 2016-2017.

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Separate Census Bureau data on household income also showed a steady increase for Hispanics in the Obama era. In 2017 dollars, mean income for Hispanics increased from $59,818 in 2009, Obama’s first year, to $68,252 in 2016, his last full year. The 2017 figure, under Trump, was a record: $68,319. But this was a continuation of the Obama-era trend, and it was an increase of a mere 0.001 percent.