Why Vote for Joe? Meaningful Investment in Rural America’s Prosperity and Future

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Rebuilding the American economy as the country moves through the coronavirus pandemic means investing in infrastructure and jobs in rural America, making it possible for families to stay together and live in cities and towns that are prosperous and filled with opportunity.

This is why Joe Biden has made it a point to visit and talk to people in towns across America to understand what policies would help transform their communities in ways that directly benefit residents, not big industries or urban centers. To support rural Americans, the Biden plan will:

Expand broadband access to every rural American

Biden plans to extend essential broadband infrastructure by investing $20 billion in rural broadband and tripling funding for Community Connect broadband grants. The work of installing broadband will also create high-paying jobs with benefits.

Invest in schools

The Biden plan expands educational opportunities and invests in schools by tripling Title I funding to eliminate the gap between rich and poor districts. The plan both supports working parents and creates jobs for educators by providing high-quality universal preschool for all three- and four-year-olds.

The Biden plan also supports teachers by raising their pay and doubling the number of school counselors and psychologists available to assist children.

Ensure rural hospitals remain open and improve access to affordable, quality care

Keeping rural hospitals open is critical to saving lives and supporting economies. Joe’s plan to expand healthcare by creating a new, Medicare-like public option will help rural hospitals remain solvent by enrolling individuals left out of Medicaid expansion into the public option plans, without premiums, but with benefits that will support rural hospitals.

Additionally, Biden will eliminate federal regulations that hamstring rural hospitals and increase federal payments to hospitals, giving hospitals the resources and flexibility necessary to meet community needs.

Invest in transportation infrastructure

The Biden plan provides a $2 trillion accelerated investment in American infrastructure, including bridges, roads, water systems and electric grids. This investment will create millions of good-paying jobs that put money directly into rural households.

Invest in cutting-edge manufacturing jobs like biofuels

Biden plans to support rural Americans by investing in new technologies that promote growth and profitability while addressing climate change. The choice is not climate or growth — the Biden plan embraces both.

The plan prioritizes research and development and will invest in the creation of cellulosic biofuels that do not harm the water and soil, while turning grass and crop residues into marketable fuels. This future-forward thinking will make America’s farmers key to solving climate change while creating quality jobs.

Strengthen antitrust enforcement

Market concentration hurts small and medium-sized farms. The Biden plan increases competitiveness and access to fair markets by strengthening anti-trust enforcement and requiring large corporations to follow the rules — not write them.

Rural America is asset-rich and home to creative, hard-working Americans. A healthy, vibrant rural America is essential to the success of our country. – Joe Biden

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Vice President Joe Biden and his team have released a comprehensive “Plan for Rural America.” Farmers and ranchers might wonder how they fit into that plan, since Rural America has evolved to encompass much more than production agriculture. Bottom line, the plan fundamentally recognizes that net farm and ranch income still drives the success of many businesses on Main Street in Iowa’s small towns and those around the country.

Improving the quality of life in rural America will help keep our small towns vibrant and attractive to more young people (some of whom are leaving the big cities), but agriculture still drives much of the rural economy.

If elected, Biden promises to adopt trade policies that work for U.S. producers, which includes standing up to China and ending the trade war.