Adam Laxalt Will Be Big Oil’s Best Friend in the Senate

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Laxalt Stands up for Big Oil

Adam Laxalt and his wife own tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock in Chevron Corporation, ExxonMobil, and other oil and gas businesses. He works at Cooper & Kirk, PLLC, a major conservative law firm that calls itself, “the ‘go-to-firm’ to sue the federal government.” Laxalt has not disclosed his client list; however, the company’s website indicates that it has represented several oil and gas companies and that “subsidies of Chevron Corporation” are currently a client. And a September campaign event for him was held at Rebel Oil and Gas. 

In 2015, when ExxonMobil was being investigated by Inside Climate News for its alleged role in downplaying climate change, Laxalt condemned the inquiry. A subpoena also named several organizations funded by oil industry billionaires Charles and David Koch, the GOP megadonors behind groups that spent $2.5 million to support Laxalt’s gubernatorial campaign.

Laxalt plans to prioritize unlimited oil and gas drilling over climate and environmental protections. He opposed President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which would have invested $555 billion in clean energy and climate change infrastructure. Laxalt claims that high oil prices have nothing to do with ‘greedy oil executives.’ When gas prices soared in May, he repeatedly defended the oil and gas industry. Because of that, the industry rewarded his loyalty with at least $28,700 from oil and gas sector donors.

Oil companies are price gauging and making billions in profits this year. They are intent on keeping the supply of oil low to keep the cost of gas high. Five companies, (BP, ExxonMobile, Chevron, London-based Shell, and France’s Total Energies) have earned over $55 billion in profits in this year’s second quarter earnings alone. 

As a result of the grotesque greed of the oil companies and Adam Laxalt to provide their investors and themselves with profits, they are punishing the poorest and most vulnerable people, while they ignore climate change.


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Updated on Oct 23, 2022

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