Marco Rubio Wants All Abortions Banned For Any Reason

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Marco Rubio Knows More Than Your Doctor

Senator Marco Rubio was asked if he would support a Federal abortion ban with no exceptions – a position he clearly holds as an anti-abortion absolutist. Rubio, who has previously suggested he would support a total abortion ban, calls himself a 100 percent pro-life advocate. But he does not articulate policy and further suggests that although an abortion ban with no exceptions should be nationwide, the whole question should remain at state level.

This clearly speaks to the extremism of the Republican agenda. Rubio refuses to rule out supporting a national abortion ban with no exceptions for incest or rape, referring to abortion ban exceptions for health reasons as “massive loopholes.” Rubio also reiterated his position in another recent interview stating he does not support abortion in the cases of rape and incest.

But Rubio co-sponsored Senator Lindsey Graham’s bill that would ban abortions in all 50 states, which does have three exceptions in it, rape, incest, or risks to the life and physical health of the mother.

Florida recently enacted a ban on abortions after 15 weeks, but it does not provide for exceptions for rape or incest. However, that legislation would let states pass stiffer restrictions.

The issues are not really when to have an abortion, or whether one is necessary. It is a Republican attempt to control a women’s right to choose and interfere in her bodily autonomy. No one has the right to “any” say in a woman’s health, other than the woman and her doctor.

Interestingly, Rubio responded to a 2010 abortion rights survey by saying he backed a constitutional amendment to ban abortions unless a pregnancy is life-threatening. He also indicated he’d support a bill to give spouses the right to be notified and intervene before an abortion. The Republican party and Senator Marco Rubio are determined to restrict women’s decisions about their bodies.

Rubio’s opponent in the Florida debate, Democrat Val Demings, responded to his assertions of support of such legislation by saying “As a police detective who investigated cases of rape and incest, no Senator I don’t think it’s ok for a girl to be raped and to carry the seed of her rapist. No, I don’t think it’s ok for you to make decisions for women and girls.”

Tell the Republicans that your health is not their choice.


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Updated on Oct 22, 2022

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