Don't Let Lies Erase Democracy

Ted Budd Takes Paycheck from Big Pharma After Voting Against Lower Drug Prices

Ted Budd Bought by Big Pharma

Adam Laxalt Will Be Big Oil’s Best Friend in the Senate

Laxalt Stands up for Big Oil

Oil Companies Back Ted Budd to Keep Profits and Your Gas Prices High

Ted Budd Backed by Big Oil

Marco Rubio Wants All Abortions Banned For Any Reason

Marco Rubio Knows More Than Your Doctor

Republicans Can’t Stop Talking About Cutting Social Security

Kevin McCarthy wants to cut Social Security benefits

Social Security works for Americans. Republicans promise to cut it. Democrats have a plan to strengthen it.

Gladys Mitchell, 80, right, from Washington, and Louise Hobbs, 71, left, from New York, N.Y. join a rally against the privatization of Social Security, on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Crisis of Border Lies: The Border is Not Open

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Crisis of Border Lies: Crime is Not Up Because of Illegal Crossings

Three happy children riding on bicycle

Crisis of Border Lies: Biden Actually Increased Funding for Border Enforcement and Immigration Processing

Biden Increases Immigration Enforcement

Crisis of Border Lies: Biden’s Border Security Policies Are Actually Working and Keeping Drugs Off the Streets

CBP Officer

Crisis of Border Lies: Donald Trump’s Border Was Never Secure

Trump's Border Wall Easily Climbed Over

Crisis of Border Lies: Biden Actually Got Mexico to Pay for Border Security

Biden with Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Marco Rubio Talks About Inflation. No Idea What to Do About It.

Marco Rubio

Senator Ron Johnson Has Raked in Over $750,000 in Fossil Fuel Cash

Ron Johnson Works Hard for Big Oil

Oil companies spend big on Republicans to keep profits booming

Big Oil Backs the GOP

Ron Johnson Raising Taxes on the Middle Class to Give Permanent Tax Cuts to Corporations

Ron Johnson Raised Taxes

Oil CEO’s Admit They’re Not Drilling Because of Investors, not Government

Wallstreet oil profits

U.S. Energy Independence is Actually Expanding Under Biden

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Why didn’t Democrats just pass a clean bill to lower insulin costs? (They actually did.)

92% of Republicans Voted No on the Affordable Insulin Now Act

Herschel Walker Doesn’t Support Monthly Insulin Price Cap for Diabetes Patients; “You Got to Eat Right”

Over 1 million people in Georgia use insulin.

There is no quicker way to construct an us than to fabricate a them.

[ Lies serve wealthy interests ]

Legislators want the power to overturn our elections and silence your voice.

[ We can stop them ]

It's worth overcoming your partisanship to stop a pandemic.

[ COVID-19 vaccine facts ]

Trickle-down economics work, and other lies about the economy.


Saving the environment is also smart economic policy.

[ Green jobs pay, too! ]

Powerful interests are trying to entrench minority rule permanently.

[ Are you represented? ]

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