Crisis of Border Lies: The Border is Not Open

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Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

If you are a regular consumer of conservative media, you’ve probably heard about the “crisis at the border” and Joe Biden’s “open border.” Republicans are regularly citing headlines like “Arrests along U.S.-Mexico border top 2 million a year for the first time” while simultaneously saying the border is open and there is no enforcement.

Is the Southern border open?

No. In fact,  “No policies have been changed that would make the borders more open” according to the Migration Policy Institute.”

Biden actually expedited the removal of asylum-seekers that didn’t qualify.

On July 26, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security announced “Beginning today, certain family units who are not able to be expelled under Title 42 will be placed in expedited removal proceedings.  Expedited removal provides a lawful, more accelerated procedure to remove those family units that do not have a basis under U.S. law to be in the United States. ”



Biden is actually continuing Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policies:

“On December 2, 2022, the Biden administration announced it would reimplement the Migrant Protection Protocols. Also known as Remain in Mexico, the Trump-era policy required people seeking asylum without proper documentation to wait in Mexico for their immigration court date. The U.S. would also send migrants back to Mexico while their asylum claims are considered,” as reported by Politifact and announced in a press release from Homeland Security, titled DHS, Justice, and State Prepare for Court-Ordered Reimplementation of MPP.”

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The Crisis of Border Lies series from FactPAC looks at the claims being made by Republicans about the Southern Border. 



Department of Homeland Security:  DHS Statement on the Resumption of Expedited Removal for Certain Family Units

Department of Homeland Security: DHS, Justice, and State Prepare for Court-Ordered Reimplementation of MPP

Updated on Oct 21, 2022

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