Senator Warnock Has Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Nearly 500 Bills in the Senate

Raphael Warnock is Working for Georgia

What has Senator Raphael Warnock done in the Senate? He’s sponsored or co-sponsored 499 bills during his 2-year term. Of those bills, he’s single-handedly sponsored 93 and cosponsored 406. In those 93 bills, we looked at a few examples of what Warnock has been fighting for: Rent Relief for Americans: S.4728 – Rent Relief Act…

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Why the Keystone XL Pipeline Would Not Lower Your Gas Prices Now or in the Future

Keystone XL

The surge in gas prices has caused a lot of speculations on the reason and many Republicans like to blame Biden for stopping the development of the last 25% of the Keystone Pipeline known as Keystone XL. In order to better understand why the Keystone XL Pipeline will not lower your gas prices now or…

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Ron Johnson doesn’t think Wisconsinites deserve well-paying jobs

Fire Ron Johnson

In February, Senator Johnson refused to support efforts to bring Oshkosh Defense to Wisconsin to manufacture the next generation of USPS service trucks. At the time, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, the UAW and the Wisconsin AFL-CIO were working together in an effort to convince Oshkosh to open their new manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. Had the…

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Democrats Are Lowering Drug Costs

Democrats are lowering drug prices and protecting Medicare

What’s behind the drive to raise the cost of drugs? Drugs Americans need to stay well and recover from illnesses, or to cope with permanent health issues, such as diabetes. The answer is: Special Interests. Special interest lobbyists in the Pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical industry spent $187 million on lobbying in 2022. The Pharmaceutical industry…

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J.D. Vance’s Plan Would Close Down Manufacturing Plants in Ohio

J.D. Vance is Bad for Manufacturing Jobs

Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance has called for the elimination of tax credits that are already creating jobs in his own state. Ford, General Motors and LG have already begun implementing plans that would create thousands of jobs in Ohio. Those plans are the direct result of Democratic legislation that requires domestic production of…

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Let’s save the economy from Republicans who want to cut jobs and put more money in the pockets of the largest corporations.

People before profits

Republicans have a reputation for being pro-big business, and that is exactly what makes them worse for the American economy. In fact, Republican policies put profits over people, exacerbate inequality and make life harder for all but the richest Americans. The few policy positions outlined by Republicans hoping to take back congress would only continue…

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The Inflation Reduction Act Lowers Medical Cost and Increases Energy Production

Piggy Bank

Democrats have taken action on inflation but the media seems to ignore it and focus on the horse race lies from the GOP.  The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is designed to make a historic down payment on deficit reduction. That fights inflation. It invests in domestic energy production and manufacturing. That fights inflation. It…

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Republicans Will Help Oil Companies Keep Gas Prices High Until 2024. Here’s Why…

Republicans only win in 2024 if your life gets worse.

Right now, oil companies are pumping millions of dollars into the Republicans’ midterm campaigns. Meanwhile, Shell and other companies are reporting record-breaking profits and handing out billions of dollars in stock buybacks. In fact, big oil has already handed out checks for votes to GOP Congressman Ted Budd who is running for Senator for North…

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97% of Republicans Voted Against Your Right to Birth Control

Republicans Vote Against Birth Control

The Right to Contraception Act is a short bill introduced in the House as H.R.8373 – Right to Contraception Act. The bill guarantees your right to contraception and family planning. That’s it. No provision of the bill relates to abortion or any procedures used to end a pregnancy and yet, all but 8 Republicans voted…

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Fox Business Said The UK had a “Terrific Economic Plan” and Compared It to the GOP’s. UK’s Inflation Rate is Nearly 2% Higher than U.S.

Failed UK Inflation Plan

The U.K’s inflation rate is now 2% higher than the U.S. after implementing a disastrous conservative economic agenda which Fox Business compared to the GOP’s plan. As of September, the U.K.’s inflation rate was 10.1% vs the U.S. which reported 8.2%. The inflation rate in the U.S. is down 0.9% since its high in July…

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Democrats Helped Small Businesses Re-Open. Every Republican Voted No.

Small Business Democrats

As family-owned businesses were getting back up and running, congress was working on legislation to offer them the support they needed. Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan without any Republican votes in the House or Senate. This package invested heavily in small businesses by offering the following grants: Small Business Support Voted Against by Every…

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When Your Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments Ended, Republicans Refused to Renew It

Child Tax Credit

Democrats passed the Enhanced Child Tax Credit in 2021 in the American Rescue Plan. “The measure increased the child tax credit from $2,000 to $3,600 for qualifying children under 6 years old, and $3,000 for other children under 18 years old who qualify,” as reported by The Hill. In 2021, the program lifted 3.7 million…

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Republicans promise to lower taxes on the largest corporations, and it will make inflation worse

Democrats vs Republicans on inflation

The GOP is vowing to lower corporate taxes immediately if they retake Congress in November, another warning sign that Republican leadership will destabilize the economy and make inflation worse if they are allowed to take charge. Their vows to lower taxes on big businesses prove that Republicans have no understanding of the underlying causes of…

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Big Oil Has Paid Marco Rubio $250,000

Big oil backs little Marco

Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio has received over $250,000 in donations from the oil and gas industries since he began his senior Senator seat in 2011. Oil companies are price gouging and making billions in profits this year. They are not using the record number of drilling permits granted to them by the Biden administration.…

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Fact: Democrats Reduced the Federal Deficit by 50%

Federal Deficit

The U.S. Treasury released the deficit figures for the end of fiscal year 2022. “The federal deficit went up every single year in the Trump administration — every single year he was president,” President Biden said. “It went up before the pandemic. It went up during the pandemic. It went up every single year on…

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You don’t have to choose between saving democracy and fighting inflation. Democrats will give you both.

red blue choice

The choice between combatting inflation and protecting democracy is false. The 2022 midterms are one of the most important elections of our lifetimes — democracy hangs in the balance. Almost 300 Republicans running for election this year are election deniers. Some of these candidates running for state-wide office will have the power to determine whether…

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Ted Budd’s Votes Have Been Bought by Big-Pharma, Big Oil, and Special Interest Groups

Ted Budd's Vote is For Sale

Ted Budd took money from big pharma after voting to prevent lower drug prices. The cost of prescription drugs is a flashpoint for Americans needing medications but cannot afford them due to the ever-increasing prices. Congressman Ted Budd voted against H.R. 3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019, which would…

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Ted Budd Calls Violent January 6th Insurrection “just patriots standing up.”

Violent Extremist are Patriots to Ted Budd

On Todd Starnes’s radio show, Ted Budd said Americans should “take a real look at what happened on Jan. 6,” Budd said. “It was nothing. And it was just patriots standing up.” Fueled by the lies of Donald Trump, thousands stormed the U.S. Capital to overthrow the election after Biden won by over 10 million…

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Ted Budd’s Family Business Left Farmers with $50 Million in Losses

Budd Ripped Off Farmers

“We got screwed and there was not a freaking thing we could do about it. There was no way to fight multimillionaires,” said Scott Scheuerman, a  farmer who had urged fellow growers to send their crop to the company, which had bought up dozens of processing plants. “We were the little guy. We were just…

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Ted Budd Takes Paycheck from Big Pharma After Voting Against Lower Drug Prices

Ted Budd Bought by Big Pharma

Congressman Ted Budd voted against H.R. 3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019, which would lower the cost of prescription drugs and insulin. Days later he received a significant influx of cash from pharmaceutical political action committees. On December 12, 2019, H.R. 3 passed, by a vote of 230-192. The…

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Oil Companies Back Ted Budd to Keep Profits and Your Gas Prices High

Ted Budd Backed by Big Oil

Ted Budd, Congressman from North Carolina and current senate candidate, has taken over $195,000 from the oil, gas, and energy industries. In May, he hosted a private fundraiser with Continental Resources PAC, the major fossil fuel company’s political action committee that contributed to his campaign just one day before he voted against legislation that would…

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Adam Laxalt Will Be Big Oil’s Best Friend in the Senate

Laxalt Stands up for Big Oil

Adam Laxalt and his wife own tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock in Chevron Corporation, ExxonMobil, and other oil and gas businesses. He works at Cooper & Kirk, PLLC, a major conservative law firm that calls itself, “the ‘go-to-firm’ to sue the federal government.” Laxalt has not disclosed his client list; however, the…

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Marco Rubio Wants All Abortions Banned For Any Reason

Marco Rubio Knows More Than Your Doctor

Senator Marco Rubio was asked if he would support a Federal abortion ban with no exceptions – a position he clearly holds as an anti-abortion absolutist. Rubio, who has previously suggested he would support a total abortion ban, calls himself a 100 percent pro-life advocate. But he does not articulate policy and further suggests that…

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Social Security works for Americans. Republicans promise to cut it. Democrats have a plan to strengthen it.

Gladys Mitchell, 80, right, from Washington, and Louise Hobbs, 71, left, from New York, N.Y. join a rally against the privatization of Social Security, on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Social Security is one of America’s most successful anti-poverty programs. Seniors are obvious beneficiaries, but children and people with disabilities are helped by Social Security as well. And since the program was enacted, Republicans have been opposed to those vital benefits. In fact, Republicans have had the demise of Social Security and Medicare in their…

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Republicans Can’t Stop Talking About Cutting Social Security

Kevin McCarthy wants to cut Social Security benefits

Representative Jason Smith (R-Mo.), and other House Republicans told Bloomberg News last week that they are willing to default on the nation’s debt, causing domestic and international economic turmoil, so they can cut your Social Security and Medicare benefits. The GOP did not publish an official platform in 2020. In the years since, Republicans have…

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